Training Courses

Reconstruct Training offer a wide range of training courses that focus on the everyday challenges for those working with children and families.

We are offering a discount to all courses booked by the end of January 2019 and delivered in April 2019 – July 2019.
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Contextual Safeguarding Open course

Event details
: Contextual Safeguarding  |  Date: 10th April 2019  |  Time: 9:30am to 16:30pm
Location: Coventry - CV5 6UB  |  Fee: £75.00 + Vat per delegate  |  Light refreshments will be provided 

Our courses

These courses can be customised to suit the particular needs of your organisation and those you work with.

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Keeping Children Safe Online| NEW in 2019
Contextual Safeguarding | NEW in 2019
Working with difficult, dangerous and evasive people
Child sexual exploitation
Emotional harm and neglect
Domestic abuse and its impact on families
Sexual abuse
The Toxic Trio
Communicating with children
Parents with Mental Health issues
Assessment skills
Reflective supervision skills
Motivational Interviewing
Safer Recruitment

Reconstruct deliver open courses in Cornwall...

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Training courses for social care professionals

Reconstruct is a leading organisation improving the lives of vulnerable children and adults. We work with partners in the public, private and voluntary sector to deliver direct services, training, consultation and reviews.

Our training ethos and values:



We work in partnership with customers to develop the right training for you


We strive to achieve the highest quality in our delivery


Our training is underpinned by current learning and aims to improve practice

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residential care matters


Training for children's homes

It goes without saying how hard so many residential care staff work, looking after some of the most vulnerable people in our society, encountering daily challenges that little or no training could ever fully equip them for. The personal and emotional cost can sometimes be very high. 

Thus the Regional Care Matters (RCM) programme provides a ‘value base’ benchmark for staff teams and managers over a range of everyday topics with a focus on consistency of care. By building and maintaining a sound shared value base, a team can greatly improve the outcomes for children as well as improve workforce morale. 

Developed by a group of professionals who not only have a significant degree of expertise in social care and social work but a very real and everyday experience of working in children's homes, RCM courses are designed to be delivered either by one of our experienced trainers, ‘in house’ by a supervisor, manager or experienced support workers. No prior training experience is required. 

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Training that helps keep children and young people safe

"It has made me review our practice and look at how we deal with our young adults in a way that further protects them." - Course participant 2017

Courses that support the day to day work of professionals

"The Course has given me more confidence in seeing and dealing with situations. I feel more capable in recognising signs and symptoms of abuse." - Course participant 2017

Key skills for those working with children and young people

"Great training, its given me lots of practical ideas about how to engage better with the children I work with." - Course participant 2017

Training that meets the specific needs of your organisation, your staff and those you care for…

We needed a model that really put the patient at the centre, PRICE training has really done that for us and our patient care has improved as a result.

Making a difference to the lives of those we care for…

I'm proud to be making a difference to the lives of children and young people, and its PRICE that has helped me to do that.

Also available across our group

Combining expertise through training, consultancy, procedures and direct work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and adults.